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Kyoto Restaurant

Au Restaurant Kyoto, nous offrons des plats japonais authentiques préparés avec une variété d’ingrédients frais importés du Japon.


Une solution moderne, simple et pratique pour commander vos plats préférés.

Kyoto Restaurant

Kyoto Restaurant

Bienvenue au restaurant Kyoto Sushi ! Nous vous proposons uniquement les plats les plus délicieux de la cuisine japonaise. Goûtez à nos nigiris, sashimis, hosomakis, makis et makis frits exquis. Visitez le restaurant Décarie au coin de la rue Morin entre Côte Vertu et Du Collège, à 3 minutes à pied du métro Côte Vertu. Nous vous offrons un service de livraison et de cueillette afin que vous puissiez commander en ligne ou par téléphone et obtenir notre délicieux menu rapidement et en toute sécurité !

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  • Catherine Hardy

    Catherine Hardy Catherine Hardy

    -Owner was so nice! They helped me figure out a payment method even though I had forgot my wallet. Thank you so much it was absolutely delicious as well.-
  • Belanger Christina

    Belanger Christina Belanger Christina

    -Excellent restaurant, no doubt. One of the best .We had a fantastic omakase take out here and highly recommend it. Every single menu is super fresh all the time.-
  • dusan maric

    dusan maric dusan maric

    -Another great food experience from Kyoto. Whether you are amateur or gastronome Sushi eater,Kyoto and the lovely people running it won't disappoint. The fish is fresh, the rice is perfect and the presentation beautiful. Josh and the Chef will treat you to an unforgettable food experience every time. If you're not into sushi their authentic Teriyakis and Japanese dishes will leave you wanting more. We miss not being able to visit with them but their take out is second to none. I am a Chef and I love Kyoto and the lovely people creating the food magic. Support your local merchants. Dusan and Linda.-
  • Joseph Bacha

    Joseph Bacha Joseph Bacha

    -Little mom and pop shop, been going there since it opened up. I find that it got better with time and now It's by far the best sushi place for me. If you are into the all you can eat then this place is not for you. A bit more expensive then other sushi places around but worth it.-
  • Feh K

    Feh K Feh K

    -Ive never been this impressed by the quality of suishi, the best ratio of rice and fish. Most places they just add so much rice and just a bit of suishi. It will be my go to suishi place from now on-
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